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Updated: Jan 8

Amidst the clamor of seasonal festivities, a star shimmers in the Hollywood skyline – this new hip-hop book series has been nominated “Most Entertaining Hip Hop Book of 2019,” and “Faces of Rap Mothers,” features a publisher 40% off discount till January 1st of 2020.

Bozeman, Montana, United States., December 14, 2019 - /PressReleasePoint/ - announces "Faces of Rap Mothers," by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, a first of its kind collaborative nonfiction book series, shares intimate behind-the-scenes glimpses of rap and hip-hop’s most illustrious superstars and icons. This series conveys stories and “personal images” of female artisans, business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who lived in support of the moguls of the rap and hip-hop industry.

The first volume of this title was released November 2019 – with a couple minor redresses until 30 November 2019. The second volume is slated for release during the first quarter of 2020 again by Beat Deep Books of the DonnaInk Publications publishing house.

Empowerment of women of color is celebrated in “Faces of Rap Mothers.” The author, Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, identified contributors who expose ebbs and flows of the tides of their life’s history within rap and hip-hop lifestyles. These stories touch on highs and lows the path to stardom represent, which resulted in occasions of significance as each of these women have grown to represent their greater community-at-large through campaigns like, Stop Gang Violence.

As this nonfiction series creator, Candy has moved from one ballast to another herself, which has resulted in her golden coaching nuggets that she shares in her publicly aired programs (featured on HEAT 99.1, social media digital radio and other media platforms), titled “Faces of Rap Mothers Program.” Her first volume of this series has already been nominated for “Most Entertaining Hip-Hop Book of 2019” award, which speaks volumes about Candy’s professionalism. She continuously is in receipt of endorsements from entertainment and media professionals, such as Jeffrey Collins who is a fifty (50) year plus music industry giant affiliated with Digital Famous Fontana, Echo-Vista Music Group, Jive, MCA Records, and Universal Digital Distribution – among others. The launch party for the book was held at Punch TV Studios in Santa Fe Springs, California featuring the author and her family, contributors and the “Faces of Rap Mothers Program” cast and crew. Guests participated in photo-ops, film promos and shout-outs.

“Faces of Rap Mothers,” has inspired a bevy of industry buzz where a number of the contributors are moving toward their own book creations, included among these is the new book, “Queen G,” by Shonta Renee Gibson, sister of superstar and icon Tyrese Gibson. Queen G shared, “Faces of Rap Mothers really inspired me!” And, she penned her first book release that is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle reader and in print. “Faces of Rap Mothers” is comprised of an initial six volume formats, as follows: 1) print soft-cover in black-and-white, 2) print soft-cover signature edition in black-and-white, 3) soft-cover in color, 4) print soft-cover signature edition in color, 5) hard-bound in black-and-white, 6) hard-bound signature edition in color.

Candy’s additional book series, “RAP Mothers Save the Day” also published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Beat Deep Books features illustrated children’s series titles and the first volume is releasing December 2019 – it is titled, “Jay’s First Day of School.”

Certainly, there are an abundance of ideals and creations from this lovely author. Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, a cancer survivor, is a strong voice of unity among rap and hip-hop entertainers with a host of new ideas on the horizon. Readers are loving her creations!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell grew up in a family intricately woven into the fabric of the civil-rights movement with direct association to Dr. Martin Luther King. This connection has blessed Candy who has her own independent human and civil rights interests – she serves as an advocate to children and their families; she testified on Capitol Hill and has aired on news broadcasts to aid the plight of others. Candy remains involved in media and entertainment as CEO of Black Cash Record Studios and the Faces of Rap Mothers Program where her immense interest in hip-hop and rap moved the pendulum forward to her book now nominated for “Most Entertaining Hip Hop Book of 2019.” DeVore-Mitchell supports better futures through entrepreneurial and solopreneur business efforts; her daughter (Honey) and son (KING THA RAPPER) are both rap and hip-hop industry artists who are experiencing successful endeavors.


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