Faces of Rap Mothers - Book Three, by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell releasing for Christmas 2020

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.'s Beat Deep Books Imprint is releasing, "Faces of Rap Mothers - Book Three," by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell just in time for the Christmas Season within the next few weeks. Ms. Quesinberry stated, "Our author - Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell has been promoting her books to the utmost degree and the Beat Deep Books team agreed to boost production for our author . . . 'Faces of Rap Mothers - Book One' was nominated as 'Most Entertaining Hip Hop Book of 2019' and shortly thereafter the author's dream of a reality television show was fulfilled.

At this time, "Faces of Rap Mothers" has moved from the initial book series, and children's books, "Rap Mothers Save The Day" to reality television aired on MJ OWN NETWORK, the OWN NETWORK, Muuziktyme, SMILE Network, Roku, AMAZON Prime and the author is interviewing with E*Entertainment affiliates while BET is looking into picking up the reality television show.

Included in Book Three are:

- Phyllis Bell

- Saphire Blue

- Monica Davis

- Bella Diamondz


- Enola Gaye

- Angel Hicks - returning from Book One

- Chelie Kouture

- Princess Patti Lanier

- Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell - the illustrious author!

- Katrina Smith

- Makinda Vickers

- Tasha Wells

- Lexi Williams

- Nina Womack - returning from Book One

- Sharon Young - returning from Book One and Two

To pre-order your title, visit: https://www.facesofrapmothers.com/product-page/faces-of-rap-mothers-book-three or . . . https://www.donnaink.com/product-page/faces-of-rap-mothers-book-three (at checkout enter coupon code: ULTIMATESAVINGS for a discount).

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