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"Faces of Rap Mothers" OR "Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers" Collector's Edition dolls are custom made per individual and constructed mating to images provided to our designers. Identify the Rap Mother or Rap Father you desire for your Collector's Doll and remit your receipt to with personalization - attaching images.


The Collector's Edition dolls are 18 inches tall and they arrive in a Faces of Rap Mothers gift bags or customized boxes featuring the name of the Rap Mother or Rap Father.


Special orders are prepared for Rap Fathers who desire unique details. Volume orders can be restructured regarding cost(s) and creation where orders are verified; however, in individual creations we strive to keep costs modest and will update Rap enthusiasts as soon as aware of new and improved creative works fees.


There are no returns for "this form of lookalike" due to the reality our artists are designing the dolls and their clothing specifically to representative images and requests.


Rap Mothers and Rap Fathers names will be included with your Collector's Edition Dolls. The images represented in this order format are samples of the creator's work.


Identify the Rap Mother or Rap Father you desire to have in your Collection.

Collector's Edition Lookalike Rap Mother Dolls

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