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Faces of Rap Mothers Filmmaking & Productions

Faces of Rap Mothers™ is currently filming our "first" movie production, with Director Walter Franks agreeing to aid Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell with her initial movie debut for the Faces of Rap Mothers. 

 Starring Rap Mothers Include:

  • Candy Strother Devore-Mitchell - Actress, Owner of Faces of Rap Mothers, TV Network ROKU, Producer, UNIVERSAL, and Author

  • Dianna Boss - Actress and CEO of Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network. Senior Brand Ambassador

  • Carlene Corsey - Oscar-Nominated Actress

  • Shonta Gibson - Actress, VP Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network, Radio Personality "Queen G", Casting Director, Tyrese Gibson's Sister

  • Angel Gilcrest Guyton - Actress, Recording Artist

  • Benji Hurd - Actress, Recording Artist, Photographer

  • Madamm Meek - Actress, Recording Artist, and Owner of Hardcore Candy Ent LLC

  • Bonnie Williams - Actress, Author, and former wife of Stanley "Tookie" Williams

  • Baretta aka Sharon Lynette Young - Actress and Co-Owner of Off the Planet Productions


Co-starring Rap Mothers are Co- starring Rap Mothers Include:

  • Lacey Banks - Actor and CEO of Royalty Records

  • Tina Brown - Actor and Sister of Recording Artist Bobby Brown

  • Star Bentley Conrad - Actor, MTM Agency and Hollywood Motion Picture Industry Actress

  • Enola Gaye - Actor-SAG-AFTRA, Owner of PYNK Entertainment 

  • Group X - Actors, Choreography and Recording Group 

  • Joann Hewett - Actor and Loan Originator

  • Angel Hicks - Actor, Artist, and Dancer

  • Janet Lopez - Actor 

  • Brandy Martin - Actor, CEO of Big Red Entertainment, Radio Host, Promoter, and Manager for Pashyen, SHEVA, PRINCE EGYPT

  • Gladys McClendon - Actor, CEO of Curvy Queenz of Dallas, Choreographer, Entertainer

  • Lena Moss - Actor, Registered Nurse, Mother of Aaron Hall's daughter Kaloni Hall 

  • Brandi Pinchon - Actor

  • Donna Quesinberry - Actor, Author, COO Faces of Rap Mothers Enterprise & Television Network President, Executive Producer of DonnaInk Productions on the Network, Life Coach and Image Consultant, President of DonnaInk Publications, CEO of dpInk Ltd. Liability, Proprietor of J. F. Cole Trading Since 1889

  • Lindsey Rose - Actor and Model

  • Blanca Samperio - Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Director and Film Producer, Model, Screenwriter

  • Dante Sears - Actor, CEO at Wealth XO, Dantebella, and Prosperibly, COO at Ezway Network, RE Strategist at Meridian Capital, President World Prosperity Network, Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy at Revisalife 

  • Kellita Smith - Actor at SAG-AFTRA, Philanthropist, Roberta Warren on Znation, Wanda Mac on The Bernie Mac Show, Katherine on The First Family, and roles on Martin, Jamie Foxx Show, Sister Sister, and The Wayans Bros. Programs

  • Stackz DaRealist - Actor and Hip-Hop Artist

  • Giia Stanley - Actor

  • Suga T - Actor, Author, Brand Ambassador, Keynote Speaker, Multi-Platinum Gold Entertainment, Pioneer Influencer, Producer, Show Host, Transformation & Life Skills Expert, Wellness & Vision Coach, University-Educated (MA and BA)

  • Sally Sweets (Majestic Saphire) - Actress, Commercial Model, Rapper - Singer-Songwriter

  • Jaira Valente - Actor, Producer at SAG-AFTRA, Artist Manager, Fashionista Designer, Artist Manager Paintings at Entertainment Industry and 

  • Makinda Melody Vickers - Actor at SAG-AFTRA, CEO Drumstick n Lip Stick, Professional Drummer, Song Writer, Screenwriter

  • Nina Womack - Actor. Filmmaker, Royal Queenmother in Ghana, Pan Africanist, Wellness and Food Security Advocate

  • Theresa Lynn Zaino - Actor, Arts & Entertainment Promoter, Entertainment Agent  


Starring Rap Fathers Include:

  • Walter Franks III - Actor at SAG-AFTRA, CEO at Theatrical History Inc. School of the Arts

  • Omar Gooding - Actor at SAG-AFTRA, Comedian, Filmmaker

  • Bobby DrakenIt - CEO, Producer, Engineer, and Artist at OFF THE PLANET Productions 

  • DJ Craig EC - DJ AT 100.9 THE HEAT FM  

  • DUV MAC DOGG - Actor, Producer, Rapper

  • Jayo Felony - Actor, CEO LOCO Entertainment, Former Hip-Hop Artist

  • King Gus George - Actor, CEO POPM ENT. INC.

  • TBI Guy - Author TBI Guy Series - Disability Awareness Advocate

  • Gil Fajardo - Actor, Comedian, Director - Producer and Reality Host of VATOS in search of..., President of RealG Productions

  • Gilbert Jalapeno - Actor, Creator of Affiliated Peoples Alliance, CEO of Sweet & Spicy Life Enterprises LLC

  • Jon Jon - Actor and Former Musician in the band Troop

  • King Cali - Actor and Recording Artist

  • KING THA RAPPER - Actor and Recording Artist, Rapper

  • Ray Molino - Actor and Reality Host of VATOS in search of... Member

  • Will Perfect - Actor at SAG-AFTRA, Entertainer Artist at Frozen Faces, Former Motley Crew Band Member, Model, Musician

  • Larry Smith - Actor and CEO of Totally Fresh Farms

  • Carlton Strother - Actor and Engineer

  • Eric Zuley - Actor and Talk Show Host at EZ TALK LIVE, Superstar Influencer, Peeks Host Celebrity Ambassador at Peeks Live Stream App and CEO & Founder at EZWay Magazine

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