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Faces of Rap Mothers - Book One, Trade Color:


Growing up with family woven in the civil rights fabric of Dr. Martin Luther King is a blessing Candy was befitted by and resulted in her own human and civil rights interests. As an advocate, Candy testified on Capitol Hill and aired on news broadcasts to aid the plight of others. She has remained involved in media and entertainment as CEO of Black Cash Records and Faces of Rap Mothers Show. Noting an interest in rap and hip-hop, Candy created this book series.


She supports better futures through entrepreneurial and solopreneurial efforts and her own daughter and son (HONEY and KING THA RAPPER) are rap and hip-hop artists. Candy asks readers to enjoy these glimpses into the day-to-day lives of Rap and Hip-Hop's Superstar shared in, Faces of Rap Mothers - Volume I.


"Faces of Rap Mothers," is a compilation of backstories, tell-all's and images from a compilation of women involved in and around the rap and hip-hop industry. The title is not an empirical designation of all contributors as "rap and hip-hop" artist mothers but is more loosely associated with rap and hip-hop ladies who are mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and/or daughter of rap and hip hop professional artisans . . . or even performers themselves. Some contributors own studios and are involved in engineering sound or filming videography to compliment artists.


This series demonstrates the "real" side of the rap and hip-hop community, sharing little-known factoids and humanist stories, which expand the ideal of rap and hip-hop. In this volume, participants include (listed alphabetically by last name with exception of chapter one from the author): Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, Antonette Ames, Laurice Adams, Dianna Boss, Carlene Corsey, Angela Gilchrist-Guyton, Rolanda Macharia Greer, Tiffani Lewis, Fedra Thompson, Jamika Smith Love Wisdom, Sharon Lynette Young.


There are additional sections: Honorarium, Dedication, Preface, Extro, etc. and Author and Ghostwriter Bios This is an excellent next chapter in the "Faces of Rap Mothers" series journey. The author's next release, Book Three is slated for spring 2021 and the second children's book, "Rap Mothers Save The Day" releases October 2020.

Faces of Rap Mothers - Hardcover Bk. One and Two Combo

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