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"Faces of Rap Mothers" Lookalike Dolls are 100% cotton hand crocheted - eyes are "safe" and product is non-toxic stuffed with antibacterial / antiallergenic material. Two images are required with look / feel instructions and take 14 to 21 days to be created. These are "one of a kind" dolls that are created by "hand" upon purchase. Colors can be specified for clothing upon remittance post-order - send a note with your order or email with your receipt of purchase, two images and instructions.


The specific Rap Mother or Father is to be identified for the doll's labeling.


Dolls can be shipped in gift bag or a Faces of Rap Mothers Doll Box, which has an add-on cost.


These are collector items and will eventually include "all" your favorite Rap Mothers and Fathers.

Important: This Item is made to Order. Care and treatment involves handwashing with towel drying and then air drying - best if not totally immersed - not washing and dryer machine washable.


Collector's Edition Rap Mothers Crochet Dolls

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