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Faces of Rap Mothers Custom Bobblehead Keychains are created from photographs.


These are not resin molds - they are clay.


Tier #1 Creations:

  • Photograph Based - means the artist mirrors your photograph.


Add-ons are for Tier #2 Creations:

  • Head to Bobble ($5.00)
  • Glasses ($4.00)
  • Hat/helmet Free ($4.00)
  • Logo (+$4.00)
  • Writing on Base (+$3.00)
  • Writing on Bottom (+$3.00)
  • Tattoos (+$4.00)
  • Text on Shirt (+$4.00)
  • Top-level similarity by master artisan (+$30.00)


Identifies (based on photograph):

  • Complexion
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color


Takes three weeks to create and ship. Expedited processing for additional fee.

Rap Mothers Key Ring Bobblehead Figure

  • Shipping is $14.95 from the artist to Rap Mothers and up per order - this is built into cost. Rap Mothers then ship to location of customer order, which is another shipping fee, which is not built into cost.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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