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Faces of Rap Mothers are taking advantage of a pre-fabrication team's offer to create custom action figures. Using up to three photographs of Rap Mothers' face (front, left and right side profiles) are required for use in the development of realistic 3D models.  The 3D model is printed through high-tech machinery. The figure head is generated uniquely to each order; however, the body and outfits are repeatable.  The body size and outfit selection is extensive enough to still guarantee an individual look and feel - standard 6 to 8 inch doll clothes can be used on the figure. 

The packaging is resealable with Faces of Rap Mothers unique artwork, because the packages are resealable - the figures can be removed and returned to maintain collection status.  Of course, not opening in original packaging does increase Collector value.


Figure variations include:

  • 6-8 inch figure - $100.00 in sealed pack with Faces of Rap Mothers emblems
  • 6-8 inch figure two-pack $130.00 (two-pack). 
  • 6-8 inch figure with DC Comics T-Shirt is $115.00
  • 6-8 inch figure with DC Comics T-Shirt is $160.00 - a two-pack can include two different Rap Mothers or two of the same Rap Mothers
  • 12 inch figure - $130.00
  • 18 inch figure - NEW 18 inch figures are available below (Does not come with packaging and cannot come in a two-pack).
  • Can customize using two outfit options and mix and match - requires identification of the selections and communication concerning the variables.
  • DC Comics customization involves selecting the DC Comics Shirt and identifying the adjusted combination.
  • Sunglasses are available at $15.00 extra in varied forms
  • Rush orders $30.00 extra


This means if you get a double-pack with both with sunglasses it is $130 plus $30.00 because sunglasses are $15.00 each. Or, if you get a double-pack, DC Comics, with sunglasses it is $190.00 becaues you have $130.00 for the double-pack, $15.00 for each DC Comics character, $15.00 for each set of sunglasses equaling $130.00 plus $30.00 plus $30.00, which equates to $190.00.


For a single 6-8 plus sunglasses it is $115.00; a 6-8 plus DC comics is also $115.00. For a 6-8 plus DC Comics and Sunglasses is $100.00 plus $15.00 for DC Comics and $15.00 for sunglasses or $130.00.


Send questions to

Rap Mothers Replica Dolls

  • Due to the customization of these figures - there is no return policy.

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