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This is the second title in the series: Rap Mothers Save the Day.


Tyler's Bullying Rap: If You Stick Up For Me - I'll Stick Up for You! Shares the story of Tyler and Jordan who attend a middle school where Tyler started a Rap Club. A bully named Marcus makes fun of Tyler's Rap Club and he goes home afraid to attend his new club. In talking with KING THA RAPPER and HONEY (from Book One), Lawrence, a military member, and eldest brother joins in the discussion.


Rap Mother Angela Gilchrist-Guyton enters with Rap Mother Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell and they create a unique solution to end the bullying.


Tyler's Bullying Rap, teaches children to think beyond fear and believe in themselves and to trust adults who support them to reach successful results.

Tyler's Bullying Rap - Rap Mothers Save the Day BK #2

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