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of Rap Mothers

Mission Statement:

Faces of Rap Mothers™ voice, and vision, of Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, delivers books and televised programs including the “Rap Mothers™ Save The Day” children’s series, which speak truth from women of all colors, creeds, and denominations as dulcet supports in their past. Faces of Rap Mothers™ conjoins, empowers, and unites women enplaning roles as coaches, comedians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, healers, sages, and homemakers among associates, families and friends, rap and hip-hop industry icons, readers, and fans. Faces of Rap Mothers™ delivers a real-time evolutionary capture of an industry transitioning from angst, animosity, and sexism to acceptance, goodwill, and propriety while continuing in their zeal for entertainment through the inception, intervention, and reinvention of Rap Mothers™ (e.g.: mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and affiliates of rap and hip-hop iconic figures) nationally and internationally while strategizing patterned abundance, growth-ignition, and resilience in reformation of history from the lens of women engaged in futures-planning.

Vision Statement:

The Faces of Rap Mothers™ vision is to entertain while leading as rap and hip-hop enthusiasts toward the development of understanding the women behind the industry and to have fun while engaging the community-at-large thereby inspiring young people toward brighter futures in a diversity mindset.

About Faces of Rap Mothers:

Author Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell’s vision for the Faces of Rap Mothers is the NexGen of rap and hip-hop introducing ladies who have mitigated this slice of Americana within the music industry. Women are a most notable elixir in life’s magic. This holds true with the Faces of Rap Mothers’ vision Mitchell created. Nearly one hundred existing mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins, and female performers are pivotal movers and shakers empowering evolutionary rap and hip-hop unity with histories derived from its origins to current reformations. The terms: Faces of Rap Mothers and Rap Mothers are copywritten to the author and creator with trademark and have moved from an original book series, which continue to be released, to the addition of Rap Mothers Save The Day children’s series, to merchandising, magazines, and, most recently, a television station.


Candy’s determination to capture women who are supports and integers to early and latent rap and hip-hop traditions has ignited nearly one hundred entrepreneurial women in a cloth of many colors – with success-ridden accolades shared among readers and fans alike, which result in Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell’s ever-expanding platform coaching, entertaining, informing and engaging an ever-increasing audience of abundant thinkers, fans and readers.

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