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Handmade Bobblehead, Custom 3D Polymer Clay Figurine


Created by qualified sculptors using high quality material and workmanship.

Artists understand how to capture one's unique and creative character.

Variety of dolls and body styles with high quality polymer clay are offered.

Shipping is done quickly and professionally with quality packing and control.


Please select from the details included in this order form.



Rap Mother Bobbleheads-Rap Mother's Faces!

  • Remit images - artists prefer 4:

    • Front View
    • Right Side
    • Left Side
    • Back View

    For "character" dolls (i.e.: Superwoman, etc.) these feature a markup.

    Upon purchase - send images and details to: and include:


    Chin.1 Gen.1 Pink Lgt.Tan Med. Black
    Chin.2 Gen.2 Gen.Tan Black Lgt. Black

    Eye Color:

    Black Blue Hazel
    Green Grey Brown

    Hair Color:

    Black Dk. Grey Grey White Blk. Brn
    Dk. Brn Med. Brn Lgt. Brn Dk. Blonde Med. Blonde
    Blonde RedBrn Red Lgt. Blonde Bald


    • Normal Standing
    • Other


    • 6.5 inches
    • 7.7 inches $20.00 more
    • 9.6 inches $46.00 more
    • 12 inches $100.00 more
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