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By Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell

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Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is the niece of a civil rights leader who worked directly alongside Dr. Martin Luther King. This may have resulted in her burgeoning interests as a human rights activist. Mrs. Mitchell has testified on Capitol Hill and aired in national news broadcasts regarding newsworthy topics. She is the creator and executive producer of The Face of Rap Mothers, an affiliation of women leaders in the rap industry who work in unison to build better futures for humanity through entrepreneurial, solopreneur and philanthropic efforts. Candy is also the CEO of Black Cash Universal Studios Entertainment and her son is King Tha Rapper she shares her story in an introductory chapter of, Faces of Rap Mothers.

Lil Jay's First Day

At A New School

Valentine Day 2020

Lil Jay is afraid to go to the first day at his new school. He looks a little down and his cousin, Honey, who is a rap artist, asks him what is the matter. Lil Jay shares his concerns. His uncle, Honey's brother, enters and picks up on the vibe - he shares an idea for Lil Jay to create a rap song to perform at school for his new classmates and teacher. Honey first takes Lil Jay to talk with the Rap Mothers who promote non-violence and positive solutions in the 21st century among the rap and hip hop culture.


Lil Jay meets with Bonnie, Candy, Jamie, Lena, Nina, LIL MAMA, Queen G, and his grandmother Barreta who are all members of Rap Mothers Save the Day! He gains valuable insight from the Rap Mothers who ease Lil Jay's concerns.


Eventually, he turns around and feels empowered and then practices his new rap song with his uncle KING THA RAPPER. While Lil Jay performs, OG DUV MAC DOGG and DOGGY DOGG join Honey Blunt and LIL MAMA with the Rap Mothers who support Lil Jay's performance in his new class and school. As a result of Lil Jay's overcoming his anxiety regarding change and new life events, Lil Jay is enabled to help other students who also feel reservations at the onset of a new school year.


​Rap Mothers Save The Day is a ten-part children's series to release quarterly books sharing positive outcomes for young people going through adjustments all children encounter growing up.

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